DoctorOnline privacy policy


DoctorOnline gives great importance to protecting your personal data and closely ensuring compliance with protective provisions relating to privacy and processing personal data. The purpose of this policy is to provide you with information on DoctorOnline’s use of your personal data in the scope of your use of the application. DoctorOnline’s Terms and Conditions along with this privacy policy specify the use of your personal data.




Personal data includes information regarding you as a natural person, which you voluntarily provided to DoctorOnline when using the application, such as your first name, last name, e-mail address, etc. Personal data is used in order to:

-enable us to provide the services requested and connect you with the network doctors,

-personalize your experience with DoctorOnline application and provide the most relevant options and solutions, and enhance our service levels,

- protect your confidentiality by using the information provided to verify the identity of any user trying to access your profile.

- send you Newsletters and any other documents that you have accepted to receive,

- send you, subject to your express prior consent offers, to enable you to take offers and attend events - carry out anonymous studies and research to improve the application and/or your online experience,

- For internal statistics purposes. Some information which you are asked to provide is mandatory and is indicated by an asterisk. If you do not provide the information, DoctorOnline cannot perform the requested services or send you the requested information.


2. Usage of minors:


The application is not intended for minors under the age of 18 without their parents’ permission, and in such case, the information of the parent/custodian along with his/her approval must be submitted.



For the purposes set forth in Article 1 hereinabove, you accept that your personal data collected by DoctorOnline be stored, processed and transferred to its subsidiaries and/or service providers, acting on its instructions, which are only permitted to access your personal data to perform certain tasks required to carry out the purposes stipulated in Article 1 hereinabove, in strict compliance with all applicable data protection laws in Arab republic of Egypt.

Your personal data collected by DoctorOnline will not be transferred to third parties, for no charge or against payment, without your express prior consent, such restriction does not to apply to contractors or affiliates of DoctorOnline, who will have access to such information in order to enable DoctorOnline to provide the service at its best levels, noting that they will be bound by the same obligation to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information which is undertaken by DoctorOnline towards its users.


Finally, DoctorOnline reserves the right to retain a copy of all data for internal documentation purposes, and such information will not be available to any third party unless it is required by law or court order.




You are entitled to;

-access, correct and update your personal data from time to time.

-stop the newsletters and offers that are forwarded to you using the contact details submitted to the application.

-delete your account on DoctorOnline




DoctorOnline is entitled to amend this policy from time to time. All amendments will be displayed on this page. By consulting it each time you connect to the application, you will always be kept up-to-date regarding the personal data collected and how DoctorOnline may use such data.